Wimann Trading is a BWO empowerment company and we are competing in the changing

environment of the Electrical Maintenance field.


We can render the following services to the market.

  • Maintenance on Transformers, Switchgear, Mini – Substations and overhead lines.
  • Trading in earthing products, electrical equipment & components
  • Contract work including installation, refurbishment & maintenance
  • Technical Training according to SAQA unit Standards
  • Building of new Substation (Complete)
  • Building of Distribution, Reticulation and Electrification networks

The company is situated in Fochville at Loopspruitlaan 10 in the North West Province




  • To become one of the preferred maintenance agents to Local Authorities, Eskom, National Ports Authority, Spoornet and the Mining Industry.
  • To be among the top Technical companies in the Country.
  • To become experts in the different fields of our environment.
  • Neighbouring country utilities


Quality Policy


The management and employees of Wimann Trading are committed to establishing,

implementing and maintaining the Safety and quality standard in order to provide our

customers  with what they want, first time, every time.

Wimann Trading is currently embarking on a project covering health & safety (SHE).

Being a small sized company, Wimann Trading makes use of a consulting company to

assist with  internal audits and regular maintenance and upgrading of our system.




Ownership/Shareholding and Structure







Wimann Trading is owned by: Segametsi Manzi, Wilhelm Jacobs, Paul Jacobs, Anna Jacobs and Deon Snyman.


The following profiles are of some of the people at Wimann Trading:


Segametsi Sophia Manzi.


Segametsi studied at the previously known Bophuthatwana University now known as

the the North West University where she obtained her B COM. Accounting degree in 1988. She was employed

at the Department of Education, National Sorghum Breweries and at the Merion Town Council as an accountant.


Wimpie Jacobs.


Wimpie started in ESKOM in 1982 as an apprentice and qualified in 1985 after obtaining his

NTS 3,  he also obtained a red seal as an electrical artisan. From 1985 to 1994 Wimpie

was employed by ESKOM as a Distribution Official and his duties consisted of ;

maintenance on transformers, switchgear and networks. From 1994 to 2001 Wimpie was

the Technical Service Centre Manager for the Carletonville area,  his responsibilities were;

all the maintenance and planning of the electrical network in the Carletonville area.

From 2001 to 2005 Wimpie was employed by IDUBE Electrical as Marketing Manager.

Wimpie completed the following courses, Hawker Siddeley switchgear, Alstom switchgear

and all relevant  ESKOM courses relating to maintenance and safety. In June 2005 Wimpie

was accredited by Hawker Siddeley South Africa to perform repairs and maintenance work

on all types of  MV switchgear manufactured by Hawker Siddeley.


Tinus Jacobs


Tinus started his career in 1975 at the Gold mine in the Carletonville area.

He started with Eskom in 1982 at West Wits depot as a DO. As a DO he was responsible

for planning of substation work, reticulation line maintenance and maintenance on the

Distributionnetworks. He was promoted as Depot Supervisor in 1988 where he was

responsible for all Gold mines in the Carletonville Area as well as Carmel, Pluto and Midas

which is Transmission Substations. He was responsible for all the operating, maintenance

and construction of all lines and Substations during this period. In 1998 he was transferred

to the Technical Specialist group in Klerksdorp as the TSP’O for Switchgear in the North

West Region. During this period he was responsible for the correct

and safe execution of all maintenance and construction on switchgear in the Region. 

He was also assisting with maintenance on Transformers, Tap-changers, Mini-substation,

VT’s, CT’s  and Auxiliary Transformers.  Tinus was part of the work team at DT that wrote

all the works instruction on how to do maintenance on al makes and types of equipment in

the Eskom environment.


Koos Jonker


Started in 1975 on a Goldmine in Carletonville area, I was a apprentis until 1979 when I

started working at Driefontein GM as a Contractor. From there I applied for a post at Eskom

and was successful in 1988, I was appointed as a P.T.O. until 2004 I was appointed as the

Depot Superviso, my duties was maintenance  and continious supply of Electricity in the

Carletonville area. including all Mines, Munic’s,Rural and Electrification areas till August 2008.


Mauritz Myburg.


Mauritz (known in the industry as Mof Myburg) was employed by Hawker Siddeley since

1978 where he was involved in all aspects of constructing and maintaining Hawker Siddeley

switchgear ( Brush Types ). The last 10 (ten) yearsMoff was employed by Hawker Siddeley

as their maintenance supervisor.


Chris de Lange.



Chris was employed by Hawker Siddeley since 1989. Chris worked in close conjunction

with John Snayden onmodification to the VMV breaker for the South African market.

Chris was also involved in the production of the following; VMV, VSI, V5/6 and all

the Hawker Siddeley vacuum contactors.


Valerie Francke.



Valerie was employed by Hawker Siddeley since 1988. Her employment consisted of the

following, 8 years as panel assembly and wiring, and for 10 years on the maintenance

of oil type and VSI Hawker Siddeley breakers.